Gar's VGM Site.

More fun than a monkey full of barrels.

Serving selected tunes from video game soundtracks of the past, in YouTube video format.  Welcome to your childhood.


If you're here, it's probably because you've seen my YouTube channel and/or videos. Either that, or you spend way too much time on Google. If it's the latter, you need some serious help.

This site is essentially nothing more than a prettier way to browse around my video collection, so don't expect to find much here that isn't already on my channel in some shape or form. It does have its merits though, as you'll most likely discover by clicking on the links to the left.

The most noticeable improvement to browsing around the collection is probably the fact that the videos are separated by console, displaying the original box art of the featured games. I've always thought that checking out old-school covers was a great part of the retro experience, so hopefully you'll enjoy this new format. If you don't, well, you can always go back to YouTube.

Another cool addition is the master list, which contains every single entry in alphabetical order, so if you just want to quickly find one video game in particular, that's probably your best bet. There's a few other things around here as well, but I'll let you get to the most important part- the music. Enjoy, and sign the guestbook or leave a comment on my channel if you have time. 


  people have rocked out to game tunes instead of being productive in life. Nice.